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Lets reach out to older hams in Nursing Homes N0HWJ on 21/4/21
Quote by jimvw57
There is a ham operator that had a 'medical Issue' and has been confined to a nursing home to recover. One of the members of our club took the initiative to set him up on a DMR radio and it made a world of difference in his recovery, not to mention the increase in his strength by keying the mic. Names withheld to protect their privacy.

Our friend who calls frozen precip "White Fungus" !!! It was such a joy to hear his voice light up when we'd QSO with him throughout the time he was there!!!

73 de Dave, N0TXW
Lets reach out to older hams in Nursing Homes N0HWJ on 21/4/21
This is a great suggestion, one I'll be exploring more in the future, A good friend was in Transitional Care after a stroke, and his having a DMR handheld not only gave him access to to his on-air friends, his Therapist said the PTT switch on the radio aided in his recovery!!! A challenge is operating HF, but with many remote-access stations on the air, that would be relatively easy to effect, especially looking at the digital modes.

73 de Dave, N0TXW

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