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Antenna for a Yaesu FT991a Transceiver Sep 24th, 13:10 4 168 on 24/9/20

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Antenna for a Yaesu FT991a Transceiver KJ7PVJ on 24/9/20
Excellent suggestion and I thank you very much. As far as a VHF/UHF antenna, I was leaning towards a Comet GP3. Do you think this would be a good start for me?
Antenna for a Yaesu FT991a Transceiver KJ7PVJ on 24/9/20
I am a new Ham operator. I passed my Tech License test a month ago and have been using my HT on VHF using local repeaters. I have been enjoying it so much I have decided to work on my General and build a ham shack. What a learning experience this has been and I have NO friends that are Hams (although I joined a local club, Voice of Idaho.) I have just received a big pile of equipment including a ZeroFive 30’ Flagpole (HOA restrictions in my neighborhood) antenna and a Yeasu Ft991A transceiver (along with power supply, tuner, radial wire, coax, and related stuff.) I will be putting my Flagpole up this weekend and starting to put everything together.

MY QUESTION: I need an antenna for 6m, VHF, and UHF as my needs for the other bands will be covered by the ZeroFive Flagpole. I have spent a lot of time on DX Engineering looking at antennas that will cover these bands but no easy solution is obvious to me. I assume the the 6m, VHF, and UHF will be covered through the second antenna port on the radio (CORRECT.)? I assume that when using these bands I can cover it with a three band antenna like a V2000A. This antenna requires a Triplexer MX2000. I don’t understand how this Triplexer would be hooked up to the FT991A, assuming I use the VHF/UHF antenna port (Correct?) If the multiplexer was not a required item I would have assumed that I could use the VHF/UHF antenna port. I could just get a UHF/VHF antenna and forgo the 6m but I prefer to not limit exploring this band, although this would be a more straight forward approach.

In summary: What antenna would you recommend or use for covering the 6m, VHF, and UHF bands? Is the 6m band covered with the UHF/VHF antenna port? How would you connect the three band antenna to the FT991A?

Thanks in advance. I can already see that this new hobby will be a long and expensive journey. Any knowledge or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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