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IC-7000 frequency limits Jun 1st 2022, 17:13 2 2,611 on 2/6/22

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IC-7000 frequency limits wwsisson on 1/6/22
I am new to amateur radio and have recently purchased what I thought might be a good starter radio, an ICOM IC-7000. I found it on ebay for a reasonable price. Now here's my problem. It came from Japan. Only after setting it up and trying to get on the repeater near me, I find out about the frequency limits imposed on radios in different countries. The W1FY repeater is 147.150MHz, and my radio won't tune past 146.000MHz. There are other frequencies missing also but this will do for the purpose of my question.
So, long story short, is there any way to unlock those frequencies for use here in the US, or did I have a "learning experience"?

Thanks in advance,

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