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ARRL EFHW KIT May 2nd 2022, 12:08 4 4,808 on 5/5/22

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ARRL EFHW KIT dkoczur on 4/5/22
The question I was asking concerning bonding the power supply and transiever was is groundind to the same point I have the lightbing arrestor grounded the best place to ensure a single point ground or is there a better place?
ARRL EFHW KIT dkoczur on 2/5/22
I built the ARRL EFHW kit and intend to use in on 80-10 M Bands. I built the 110 microHenry choke. I will install it with the 49:1 transformer about 10 Ft off the ground and the other end about 40 ft in the air fastened to a tree. I intend on tuning the length of the 40-10 M section first and then adding the short 80M section with the choke and then tuning the length of that.I will have 25 FT of RG-8X putside and 25 FT inside. I have alightning arrestor to install at the enterance to the house and connected with a 8 Ft wire to the main panel ground connection. I have an ICOM 7300 and a Astron power supply. The dc of the power supply is not connected to the case. I have the following questions:
1. Since the lightning arrestor will ground the coax do I need a ground at the transformer?
2. Do I need an isolation arrestor?
3. Do I need a CMC?
4. When I bond the power supply and Transiever together, do I need to run a separate ground out to the same point as the lightning arrestor is grounded?

I just got my General Class and thgis is my first HF shack.

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