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newbie - vertical whip antenna radiation Feb 28th 2021, 13:38 2 4,315 on 1/3/21

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newbie - vertical whip antenna radiation KE0UQH on 28/2/21
I apologize for a basic question, but i'm having trouble wrapping my head around an issue. I was working with a couple VHF monopole vertical antennas. Out of curiosity I decided to mount both antennas horizontal. I noticed a huge loss in gain. Doing some quick internet searching, this seems like a well documented thing. However, I'm having a hard time understanding the "why", from a physics standpoint.

Both antennas were parallel to each other. The radiation pattern for a vertical whip is a donut, so I can understand why you lose gain when they aren't parallel to each other. However, when they are parallel I wouldn't think the gain would change if both antennas maintain the same polarization.

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