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Chimney mounted vertical antenna grounding Mar 6th 2022, 09:05 6 4,514 on 14/3/22
Best SDR for Kenwood TS830S Nov 28th 2021, 10:37 3 6,874 on 29/12/21
Cushcraft R7 x-hat Aug 1st 2021, 08:50 4 6,236 on 7/8/21

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Chimney mounted vertical antenna grounding KY4RQ on 7/3/22
Oh, and I notice the shielding is grounded through the bottom bracket of the box attached to the mast below the insulator.
Chimney mounted vertical antenna grounding KY4RQ on 7/3/22
Thank you so much for the help. The link gives me a bit more insight. So, my understanding after reading thru the comments is that I can get by just grounding the mast to the service connection - don't have to carry the ground to the antenna itself above the matching box. The shielding ground is grounded through the lightning arrestor since it has an earth ground. The radials attached to the insulator and matching network act pretty much as the antenna ground.

Sorry to be so dense - still trying to learn about a somewhat complicated subject.
Chimney mounted vertical antenna grounding KY4RQ on 6/3/22
Antenna: Cushcraft r5

I tuned the antenna without the ground wire attached, getting all SWR readings within tolerances for each ban. I want to use the Yaesu FTDX10 built in automatic tuner.

My problem is that in order to ground the antenna I have to use a rather long ground #8 copper ground - about 25’. This, of course increases the SWR well beyond the required 3:1 max. I installed a grounded lightning protection device at the point where the coax enters the house and shack located on the second floor. This is grounded to the service house ground rod. I’ve done a bit of research, but can’t find any work arounds to solve the issue.

Can anyone give me pointers on how to solve the issue?

Best SDR for Kenwood TS830S KY4RQ on 29/12/21
Thanks for the help.

I’ve been using the SDRPlaydx for about a month now with no problem. I use the RCA jack on IF1 and connect it to the SDR using an RCA connector with a lp259 male connector on the other end. I connect this to the SDR using an sma to lp259 female adapter with coax.

I verified this connection with the folks at Sdrplay.
Best SDR for Kenwood TS830S KY4RQ on 28/11/21
I'm shopping for an SDR interface for my HF rig. I've seen a number of choices. For the TS830S it seems the easiest way is to use the IF RCA jack on the back of the receiver.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what SDR to buy? I was looking at the RTL SDR, but don't know how well it will work with my older unit.

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