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QST Digital Version - Got to be a better way KB2HF on 21/1/13
I agree the QST digital edition is crappy. On my laptops the text is fuzzy and too small even on the one zoom setting that's avaialble. Not any better on my iPad. It looks like they scanned the magazine at about 72 dpi to make the page images.

I also got that email asking me to opt out of the print edition. No way.

Print edition text is too small, too. But but least it's clear and sharp, and with the print edition I can use a magnifying glass or reading glasses to read it.

I also have online subscriptions to other magazines and technical journals. NONE of them are this poor quality, or use such clumsy reader applications.

best antenna for 9040mfj qrp rig WD9DMM on 21/1/13
Quote by WD9DMM
I am limited for space.Not enough room for the 66 ft wire

How much room DO you have?

A simple ground-mounted vertical with a bunch of radials around it would do fine on 40 meters. If it's ground mounted, you don't need 66 feet for the radials - just fit in whatever will fit. No salt marsh needed. I don't remember there being a lot of salt marshes in Illinois when I lived there . . .

The Hustler BTV series of verticals or the Butternut HF verticals with ground radials would give you multiband capability.

If you're feeding with window-line and you have a wide ranging manual tuner such as an MFJ 949E, you can still work 40 meters even if the dipole isn't 66 feet long. 50 feet should work.

Other options might be linear loaded or inductively loaded dipoles which can be designed to fit in shorter spaces.

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