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Change ARRL email forwarding address? Nov 15th 2018, 17:36 15 12,385 on 3/2/23

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Change ARRL email forwarding address? KG6POV on 15/11/18
How do I change my email alias address for the email forwarding feature? I originally set it up with an account, but I no longer have access to that address.

I changed my member profile to my new email address and I'm getting announcements, ARES E-letters, etc delivered as expected. However, the forwarding address was not updated.

I tried to 'force' the system to update my address. I 'unchecked' the 'opt-in' email account box on my profile page and saved my profile. Then I closed and reopened the profile page, checked the opt-in box and saved again. But I'm still getting messages rejected by the account so my emails are not being forwarded to my new email address.

Any thoughts?


Wes Freeman

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