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Just a thought.. Mar 31st 2020, 20:38 1 435 on 31/3/20

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Just a thought.. ko4dn on 31/3/20
First let me say, what is going on with COVID-19 is deadly serious and in no way I'm making light of it.
With kids being staying home and a good number of us staying home, working out of our home, and having more time at home. Ham radio can be an activity to help past the time.
One opportunity that we have is getting our kids on the radio. Possibly having a kids sprint on the weekend. Kids talking with other kids or hams about what they like doing, etc.
Getting our XYLs, YLs, or OM on the air maybe with a spouse sprint. Just an idea.
How about trying for WAS in 10 or 25 days by having 5 or 2 state QSO parties each day.
These don't necessarily have to be a contest but for the enjoyment of ham radio with a benefit of possibly getting our families involved.
Thanks, stay healthy.
This may not be in the right topic area. My apologies in advance.

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