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Operating an HT on a cruise ship on 31/8/17
That is ever so tangential an answer. Gray market and third world. I will escalate this to question and the response to ARRL mgt. I expect so much better from the my League.
Operating an HT on a cruise ship on 31/8/17
A radio that can scan? Is that what you're talking about? That's not a "HAM" radio, by definition. Different issue. A more serious consideration of this topic is desired.
Operating an HT on a cruise ship on 31/8/17
Not trolling here, but can you point to info on how "ship's registry" applies? Is a VHF/UHF hand-held radio, not in any way physically attached to the ship covered by international radio regulations? This could be an important issue for the large (maybe) numbers of hams that cruise? I want to collect all the data that I can to respectfully challenge the prohibition and confiscation issue.
Operating an HT on a cruise ship on 31/8/17
Thank you for pointing out the foreign registry issue. Gotcha'. But my other concern is that NCL says that they will confiscate the radio, so I wouldn't be able to use it in port on Grand Cayman (with ZF2 license). Just noting that for info purposes. It seems a bit harsh.
Operating an HT on a cruise ship on 29/8/17
I have just learned that "HAM" radios are prohibited on Norwegian Cruise Lines and will be confiscated upon boarding. Note that FRS/GMRS radios are not mentioned. This appears to be a knee-jerk prohibition, but I'm not sure. Can somebody look in to this? I just want a VHF/UHF handheld to be used in Cayman Islands (wit proper license) and maybe on-board.

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