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Repeater Link via ROIP over HSMM-Mesh WB0GXD on 14/9/15
I am presently setin up a voip link for four repeaters the recievers ar at a location on top of an elevator at 270 ft we are using uhf links to the transmitter site yhe link transmitters cause de sence on the 447 repeater and the 220 repeater by over loading the rf pre amps . I am going to replace the rf links with two barix voip encoders (in streamer) they are two channel audio units used by broad casters I have one unit in place for testing and it is working very well. I am using Ubiquity 5 gig wireless equipment for the ip link and an barix decoder at the transmitter site' A simple vox board detects the audio and keys the transmitter. I have never heard of a method of sending rf . over Ip. The delay is less than using the link transmitter and you never miss the first word. we are looking at using this system to link several repeaters via the internet as the barix units can be assigned public ip addresses
db 224 x 2 WB0EMJ on 12/9/15
Has any one tried putting the elements of two db224's back to back as they do with the uhf 8 element version? I am thinking of trying this with a receive only repeater antenna. Also is any one out there using voice over IP for there repeater links with split site repeaters?
I am getting ready to do this using ubiquity wireless equipment.


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