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Upgrade MFJ 784? Sep 15th 2014, 00:10 2 6,078 on 15/9/14
IC-735 to LDG Z-100Plus Dec 15th 2011, 07:09 2 7,781 on 15/12/11

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Upgrade MFJ 784? WA2SAY on 15/9/14
One entry on the Internet said there is (was?) an MFJ 55
that would upgrade the MFJ 784 DSP unit to an MFJ 784B.
I can't find that part number anywhere. Does it exist? If not,
does anybody have information as to how the 784 could be
upgraded to the latest technology?
If the MFJ 55 upgrade device or kit or whatever does exist, where could I find it, and how much does it cost?
TNX es 73--doug, WA2SAY
IC-735 to LDG Z-100Plus WA2SAY on 15/12/11
Has anyone figured out how to interface the Icom 735 with the
LDB Z-100Plus tuner? I have no specs or schematic on how the
tuner gets band information, assuming it must. Is it compatible
with the band voltage information out of ACC-2 pin 4 connector
on the 735? If so, which of the tip/ring/sleeve connections on the Z-100 goes to what?

Thanx--doug, WA2SAY

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