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Should I tune for Resistance or Impedence? Mar 27th 2023, 06:13 5 2,212 on 31/3/23

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Should I tune for Resistance or Impedence? KT8DX on 28/3/23
I'm planning on using this in the field for my POTA setups to gain more efficiency from my temporary antennas. Not sure carrying around a Smith chart is practical. Which of the two testers would give me more useful information? Thanks
Should I tune for Resistance or Impedence? KT8DX on 27/3/23
I have recently resurrected my old MFJ-204b antenna bridge/analyzer. It measures Resistance and resonance frequency. I also have a YouKits FB-01 that measures Impedance (z) and SWR.

I typically have been using the FB-01 to test my portable and station antennas at the coax end by the transmitter, but I want to get more precise by adjusting the antenna at the feed point.

Would it be better to use the MFJ and measure resonance and resistance or use the FB-01 to measure SWR and Z.

I've read all kinds of stuff about this and frankly my head is swimming. Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated!

Likewise, mine works pretty well. I had it mounted on a 17 x 17 foot chain link fence and got out well. I currently have it ground mounted on a post sunk into the ground and performance isn't quite a good, but still acceptable. I'm planning on running some radials to mimic the fence to see if performance improves. Note that this is a compromise antenna from beginning to end. With that being said, it does work and is often the best, if not only solution. Hope this helps.

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