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PIC Programming .inc file not found May 9th 2012, 01:26 1 3,068 on 9/5/12

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PIC Programming for Beginners K0IQE on 9/5/12
Got this resolved and the ch 3 program is being built with no errors. Reading the error message in the MPLab output window was the key. A file pathname was too long, so changing the name of a folder to a shorter name was all it took, after getting the .inc file location made known to MPLab as described in the previous post.

PIC Programming for Beginners K0IQE on 9/5/12
I should correct something I wrote above. Although I did find the .inc file on microchip's web site, the file did already reside on my hard drive and I did tell MPLab to use that inc file in the ...program files (x86)/Microchip/MPASM Suite folder by choosing this file when right clicking on the P16F676.INC (file not found) line in the window in MPLab. So, at least the file was there on my drive, and I could associate it with the Ch 3 program build, but the build still did not complete successfully.

PIC Programming for Beginners K0IQE on 9/5/12
I started another thread related to a question on the installation of the CD ROM software, specifically the file not found error when trying to build the chapter 3 project in MPLab, but thought I would post it here as well. I did find the .inc file on Microchip's website, and placed it in the c:/program files (x86)/microchip/MPASM Suite folder, but I still get the build error. I wonder if MPLab expects all files to be in the /program files.. not the /program files (x86) folder when running under Windows 7.

Anyway, I would not care where the file resides as long as the compile was working, but apparently there is an error still. I must be the exception rather than the rule, otherwise everyone would be stuck in the mud trying to get this to execute. I apologize ahead of time if I am overlooking something simple.

thanks for your help,
PIC Programming .inc file not found w0jpo on 9/5/12
Wonder if anyone else is having this initial problem when trying to load the chapter 3 project file after installing the MPE lab and PICkit2 software for the PIC Programming for beginners. The error is that when I open the project file I get an error that the file is not found. I cannot find this file when searching my hard drive or the CDROM that came with the book. Because of this I am dead in the water. I could probably find this file on the internet, but first wanted to see if Mark or anyone else can comment on where I can find this file on the CDROM or on my computer. I did the installation as directed.


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