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formula for radial length Feb 28th 2016, 01:15 2 1,528 on 28/2/16
hf diopole for 80 and below on mobile home Feb 20th 2014, 21:14 3 1,676 on 23/2/14
satillites help Mar 8th 2013, 06:07 3 1,775 on 9/3/13

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formula for radial length wb3hus on 28/2/16
I'm trying to find out if there is a formula for calculating the length for 1/4 wavelength radials. I know there not 1/4 wavelength but there someware between .025 to about .030 wavelengths long. I'm trying to find the forumlas for calculating the length of them.
rich (WB3HUS)

hf diopole for 80 and below on mobile home wb3hus on 20/2/14
Hi all
my call is WB3HUS and name is Rich. I got a quick question about
putting a 80 mtr. antenna on top of my mobile home, the dimations
of my mobile home is ~70 foot long and ~14 foot wide. I know that a 40 mtr antenna will fit ok with enough room for end insulaters
I also know that I have a shingle roof with no metal under the roof
just wood rafters. Know, can I put the dipole on the roof bending the antenna at 90 degrees on each of the 2 sides of the dipole to make up the required dimations ? I want to keep it above the roof about 1 to 11/2 feet above the peek of the roof. I'm only going to run about ~100 watts or so, no more than that. know is this possible? please let me know if I can do this, I want to do this because the landlord made me take down my 3 element tri band yagi and my tower. property is her's but the mobile home is mine (I own it ). you can answer this post or send me a email. use the post first. I've tried to find this in the antenna book and the Handbook. I could not find any usefull info on this, so I'm turning to my fellow Hams for a solution.

Rich Berezanich (wb3hus)

satillites help wb3hus on 9/3/13
OKI thanks for your help.
satillites help wb3hus on 8/3/13
hi, my name is rich (wb3hus). i have a yeasu ft-51r portable. i was wondering if i can use it to work the sats?i also need some help on how to setup the portable and a good sat tracking program for windows 7, and the best sats to work in my qth. i live in ohio. im a beginer on this aspect of ham radio it seems pretty interesting and i want to give it a try. any help will be apprecatde(sorry for the spelling)hi hi. i hope this is the right forum to post this? i tryed the satilitte forum but unable to bring it up???? dont knowy
, but thats for another time.

richard berezanich (wb3hus)

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