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Registering Potential Students WA7RBC on 30/4/13
I coordinate the license classes for our local club. One problem we have is determining when there are enough students interested, so that we will have at least four or five students attend. Now our procedure is to set up a class in the spring, list it on ARRL's site, then keep our fingers crossed that enough students will show up.

Here the ARRL may be able to help. Consider registering prospective students and making this information available to the class instructors. It seems like such a database would be easy to set up and maintain.

Then we could gauge the demand for a class by contacting these folks and asking them if they are still interested, if they could come to our class, and so on. The additional information would help us schedule classes more efficiently.
End Feed Antenna Wire KC7AJL on 13/5/12
A friend of mine recently worked a Russian station on 20M using 10 watts and an 'L" shaped antenna similar to your description. He got the one he's using here: These are single-band antennas.

I've had a lot of QSOs with hams using attic antennas, usually some variation of a standard dipole. For instance, a 44 foot center-fed dipole (22 feet on each side), fed with ladder line and tuned with a balanced tuner, works well on 10 through 40 meters. While this is a versatile setup, you do have to deal with the nuances of ladder line which might not be your cup of tea.

Good luck! --Ron.
Why does this happen? 0001582470H80 on 21/2/12
Most folks today are just so busy with their own affairs that they forget the consideration of others.

That's why I think the Amateur's Code of Conduct is important to promote! 73, Ron.
Would you participate in club events if 0001582470H80 on 18/2/12
I'm a member of the FRRL in Aurora, IL. The club's liability insurance has not been a concern of mine, but I can see how it might be an issue for some. Also, since I support the ARRL, I prefer membership in an affiliated club. Good luck with your research! 73, Ron.
W1AW transmitting without checking for clear freq brantlyjack on 23/1/12
I think they do have a procedure for checking the frequency. Perhaps someone will tell us the details.

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