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Help with Omni V Sep 21st 2011, 20:29 5 5,397 on 22/9/11

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Help with Omni V KB4SRN on 22/9/11
Tried the radio on a different power supply but problem is still there. I will try to take a short video of the problem if you are interested. The problem has appeared on both 80 and 40 meters with different antennas (dipoles) that are cut to frequency. As for the transmitted report, when I unkeyed the noise was present. I switched the radio off and back on at which time it was gone. The receiving station reported that my signal suddenly went to a high pitched squeal.
Help with Omni V KB4SRN on 21/9/11
My Ten Tec Omni V develops an oscillation a few seconds after it is turned on. This completely covers the incoming signal and shows a full deflection on the s meter. If I switch between VFO's it will sometimes stop, disconnecting the antenna will stop it, as will turning the rig off and then back on. It has even occurred while I was transmitting and the receiving station said it wiped out my signal. Many times it starts again and I go through the process once more. After 5 or more minutes the rig seems to settle down and works just fine. I took the radio to Ten Tec, but they could not find a problem with it and said it did not do it while they had it. When I got it back and hooked it up the noise started as soon as I turned the radio on. I don't know if they hooked it to an antenna or just a dummy load. It only occurs when an antenna is connected and a signal is present. Ten Tec thinks it is caused by a local signal, but my Paragon, Scout, and Yaseu 450 have never picked it up. Anyone have any ideas. It's a great radio but this problem is preventing me from enjoying it. I would love to get it back into service.

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