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RF getting into Fiber to the Home Installations May 17th 2015, 14:50 1 5,770 on 17/5/15

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RF getting into Fiber to the Home Installations NQ9V on 17/5/15
I live in a Bloomington, IN, subdivision served by Smithville Telephone Company with "fiber to the home" TV, telephone and internet service. My transmitter is a high quality, suitably grounded installation. I had never experienced RFI problems into TV sets either mine or in the neighborhood. Since the "fiber to the home" was implemented, my signals even at the low 10 watt power output (via a Low Pass Filter) paralyze the video on connected TV sets and interrupts the internet service. I visually inspected the optical interface boxes (plastic boxes that receive the fiber and change it into regular house distribution wire) and they seem to be grounded.

I have been told that Smithville uses a card inside the box that communicates with the central stations on frequencies normally assigned to the Amateur Service. The worst offender seems to be the 20 meter band.

I would appreciate any suggestion from the ham community. I am sure that a similar problem es affecting a lot of us. T

Thank you,
Ramon Tristani, NQ9V

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