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PULSE SIGNAL 14.029,HZ & 61 KHZ HARMONICS May 9th 2017, 11:50 1 7,201 on 9/5/17
30m 40m digital type QRN Apr 14th 2016, 17:33 2 10,721 on 14/4/16

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PULSE SIGNAL 14.029,HZ & 61 KHZ HARMONICS wbasinger on 9/5/17
I have been trying to find the source of a 14.02972 mhz pulse signal. I suspect it is local. It is strongest at 14.02972 mhz and is also at many increments of about 61khz up and down from this point. It is a series of slow pulses at 24 pulse/minute with random stops, I have been hearing this for months. It does not vary in strength.
I created an EXCEL spread sheet of the frequencies and times that the pulses momentarily stop. So far I see no repeatable pattern that I can link to any electronics in our house.
I have been turing off various electronic devices around the house with no luck. My QTH is Santa Rosa, Northern California.

Anyone else experience such a signal ??


Walt / WA6RWI

30m 40m digital type QRN wbasinger on 14/4/16
I solved my own problem. After a second walk around my neighborhood with my archaic transistor AM radio the pulse signal was centered on my house. A few flips of the circuit breakers got the problem to one of the bedrooms.
Unplugging items one by one got the problem to the cable TV box in one bedroom. Odd thing, the problem started about 2 weeks ago, the cable box has been there for several years. I am an active ham and this problem made 30m unusable. I could not hear most 30m signals. For the moment no TV in the bedroom, 30m is active, good trade.

30m 40m digital type QRN wbasinger on 14/4/16
I am in Northern California, Santa Rosa. For the past few weeks I have had some sort digital type signal at 10.223 MHz +/- 5khz and at 7.022 MHz +/- 5 kHz. Totally blocks out any signal. It is also found at 14.008, but much lower strength.

I have walked around my and house, turned off electronic devices, and walked my neighborhood with an old transistor radio that seems to pick up the signal at about 1020 kHz AM band. It does not seem to be local.

Anyone else notice this ??



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