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Re-Tubing Galaxy V K9BW on 30/3/14
Bill, a number of things. some did not light. many that did not, no electrons flowed through them. I have a tube tested and these became duds from just sitting around. The finals were new when I put it away. the glass in those tube just sort of disintegrated in various spots..mostly at the base and tops were the metal connectors are. Only about 10% were OK...if my old tube tester is correct. Some the filament no longer lit.. Rig was stored inside a heated house and it was in a sealed box and no one touched it or disturbed it. Sort of a surprise to me since I expected maybe one or two to get gassy but the finals that were brand new tubes not new old stock... went bad at the tops. I remember years ago Russia was still making tubes. I guess they are out of that business and now invading countries again.
ATLAS - 15X Repair Information K9BW on 28/3/14
This is the 15 to 160 model with power supply. I had it fixed by a ham twice and now it has failed again. I am looking for someone else who is qualified to fix it. Receive and CW works but transmit audio went out again. I am guessing but a more rugged transistor should probably be installed. wonder if anyone else has had this problem of the auto transmit going out all the time. CW output is OK.
Re-Tubing Galaxy V K9BW on 28/3/14
Just took out my Galaxy V from storage.... that has been in storage for about 30 yrs. It was working perfectly when I put it away and then my work took me away from home for a long time. when I opened the packaging... there of course was not physical damage or moisture or water or anything.. but about 80% of the tubes went south by just being in storage.. no none were broken . They just are dead. I am afraid I know the answer to this question.... is the any reliable source of tubes anymore??? any where??? I do not trust new old stock since that is what I had in the Galaxy before I put it away. It was re-tubed with back then with what were new tubes. I guess I have a paper weight on my hands but it does not hurt to ask.

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