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T12F96 Part 15 B Ballasts WS8U on 29/8/19
The 8 foot long fixtures are considered commercial due to their size. Go back and review your true goal: You may be able to find LED 'tubes' at your local home improvement store that will work with the existing Part 15 A ballast in yuor fixture and are RF quiet on your favorite bands, regardless of what the FCC approval says.
Free UTC desktop clock? W1VT on 29/8/19
If you are planning to use a computer to control your rig, encode and decode various digital modes, and log your contacts, I highly recommend that you set your computer's clock to primarily display UTC in 24 hour format. That ensures you have the correct date and time in your logs.
Recent versions of Windows allow you to show multiple other time zones in the task bar, all labeled and synchronized to an internet time source.
Cable loss higher than expected ON4DD on 26/5/19
Moisture under the jacket will cause corrosion of the copper shield surface, increasing losses exponentially at higher frequencies. One cure is to utilize a cable with flooding compound around the braided shield. Another is to select a cable with a solid outer conductor, either 'hardline' or layers of foil along with the braid, such as RG6/QS used by cable TV companies at frequencies at or above 1 GHz .
what digital mode on 3.575 late WA9WCN on 26/5/19
FT8 -- See the thread two lines down with subject "ID digital modes"
Garbled Audio, SSB tmosca on 26/5/19
... as are all amateur operations below 9 MHz, EXCEPT the five 5 MHz channels which are shared with the U S Govt, and are li mited to USB..

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