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Necessary for Antenna to be higher than roof? W4CWL on 4/2/19
If you use a wire antenna (non-rotatable) you can probably use a smaller vertical center support, such as a flagpole. All antennas are a compromise, it just may take you longer to work enough contacts for DXCC, WAS, Grid Squares, or whatever your goal may be. You just have to transmit your signal and be heard at the other end.
Filtering ac driveinman on 25/12/18
Sounds like your HVAC might use a variable speed drive on the blower motor. A clamp-on toroid on the power wiring to the motor MIGHT help without affecting your warranty.
Portable laptop bonding AF9FA on 12/12/18
No, the laptop power system is designed to remain isolated. Since you never tried transmitting, the problem is not your rig. It sounds like your receiver is hearing stray RF noise from some exterrnal source, which could include your computer's video.
Antenna switch KK4LYQ on 18/11/18
That's an ideal application for a dual-band 2M/440 coupler, available from most amateur radio dealers. Just connect the 2M port to the VHF Tx output, the 440 MHz port to the UHF Tx output, and the feedline for the dual-band antenna to the antenna port. No manual switching or dummy load required, and your rig can listen on both bands simultaneously!
RIF In Shack On Some Bands - HELP VK4CCV on 18/11/18
Pete, in addition to the toroid, it might also help if you ground the housing of the Yaesu SCU-17 to your station ground. Looking at photos on line, this interface has no visibly marked ground screw, so you'll probably have to tuck a #20 wire under one of the screws on the DB9 serial connector. Those are SUPPOSED to be at signal ground inside the case, via the PC board plating.

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