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ham open club wi fi WD6EJN on 11/4/20
Now that you've had some time to reflect on things, you should realize that theft of WiFi service is a felony defined within the DMCA. A legitimate WiFi owner-operator is not required by law to electronically protect his network from unauthorized users.
Roger beep KI5SGT on 11/4/20
Although many here are too young to remember, the trailing beep tones actually came out of NASA's early space program. They were used because of the signal delays between terrestrial fixed base stations and the orbiting spacecraft running over a noisy simplex radio circuit. The UNKEY beep told the astronauts that Mission Control was done talking, it was OK for them to reply. There was a different pitched tone on their radio downlink when they released the PTT. No, I don't remember which end was always the higher tone.
As for being necessary, you WON'T hear them on public safety radio systems, nor have we heard squelch tails for a few decades. Those pros can do their jobs better without the constant loud beep bursts or "Kshht" of carrier squelch noise following every transmission. It boils down to a matter of suitability for the users' mission.
In short, US amateur operators can each decide for themselves to be perceived as professionals, CBers, or anywhere in between.
Antenna Wire Inside Grounded EMT AC8UR on 11/4/20
Any chance you could add a plastic outdoor electrical box at the top of the vertical EMT and mount a 1:1 balun inside the box? Then you can run coax all the way up, which will look more 'official' and easier to hide.
R7000 guying question ... KD1JT on 11/4/20
I have a GAP Eagle (which is mechanically similar to the R7000) mounted on my chimney using a TV strap mount and 5 ft mast. It DEFINITELY dances around in winds above 30 MPH, but survived 80 mph gusts earlier this week.
You should use two sets of non-metallic guys; one at the first joint above the base and a second set just above the uppermost trap CT3 (that's about 5 ft down from the top of the antenna). You are looking at either 3/16 Dacron poly rope or similar stuff from Mastrrant, DO NOT buy cotton clothesline or any other cheap stuff! The Dacron poly rope is sun tolerant but will fray rapidly if it comes in contact with anything - tree branches, antenna parts, radials, etc.
Make sure all three (or four) anchor points will withstand rope tension up to 150 pounds. Pre-tension the bottom lines at 10 lbs, tops at 20lbs
T12F96 Part 15 B Ballasts WS8U on 29/8/19
The 8 foot long fixtures are considered commercial due to their size. Go back and review your true goal: You may be able to find LED 'tubes' at your local home improvement store that will work with the existing Part 15 A ballast in yuor fixture and are RF quiet on your favorite bands, regardless of what the FCC approval says.

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