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feeding 75 meter delta loop k0bbb on 25/11/20
Feedpoint impedance of a delta loop can vary widely, depending on exactly where the feedpoint is located along the loop, and the height of loop above ground. Please provide more details of the loop construction.
HYGain AV680 Vertical kylegmd on 25/11/20
High SWR readings on all bands does NOT necessarily indicate that you "have a short someplace." It only indicates that there is a mismatch to the 50 ohm transmission line.Unfortunately winter weather is fast approaching most of the USA, so you may have to wait until spring to take the antenna down for maintenance and repair. When you drop it down:
Go back to the assembly manual again and determine the proper connections to the matching coil that you"fixed" during assembly. Repair as required.
Next, in order to get a reasonable SWR across each frequency band you must CAREFULLY adjust the tuning settings. Do this in the exact order listed in the manual, because the tuning adjustmentsof different bands interact.
The antenna base must be at least 8 feety above ground during the tuning process! Your MFJ analyzer should be quite helpful during this part.
IC-706MK2G question K6JGA on 25/11/20
NOTE first that this scan feature does NOT work like scanning on a VHF-FM Only mobile or portable radio. Chapter 5 of the manual covers Memory and Scan, and Section 7 covers Mode Settings. On page 53, Menu 21 Scan Resume, "... OFF: scan does not resume after stopping on a signal." This setting will hold the radio on the previously active memory frequency. The action applies to reception of all modes on both HF and VHF/UHF signals .
ham open club wi fi wd6ejn on 11/4/20
Now that you've had some time to reflect on things, you should realize that theft of WiFi service is a felony defined within the DMCA. A legitimate WiFi owner-operator is not required by law to electronically protect his network from unauthorized users.
Roger beep KI5SGT on 11/4/20
Although many here are too young to remember, the trailing beep tones actually came out of NASA's early space program. They were used because of the signal delays between terrestrial fixed base stations and the orbiting spacecraft running over a noisy simplex radio circuit. The UNKEY beep told the astronauts that Mission Control was done talking, it was OK for them to reply. There was a different pitched tone on their radio downlink when they released the PTT. No, I don't remember which end was always the higher tone.
As for being necessary, you WON'T hear them on public safety radio systems, nor have we heard squelch tails for a few decades. Those pros can do their jobs better without the constant loud beep bursts or "Kshht" of carrier squelch noise following every transmission. It boils down to a matter of suitability for the users' mission.
In short, US amateur operators can each decide for themselves to be perceived as professionals, CBers, or anywhere in between.

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