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Anyone using microcontrollers ? Feb 6th 2012, 04:17 7 8,100 on 25/5/12

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Anyone using microcontrollers ? WB9IXS on 6/2/12
Just wondering if anyone else is using any of the many microcontrollers out there like Basic Stamps, Arduino or PIC's ? I have done a lot of work with stamps and the Arduino and now I am getting back into Pic's. It would be nice to share some tricks or experiences with other users. I want to program the Pic's in basic like the stamps and I have seen a few programs out there but they are not cheap. So be fore I spend that much money I thought I could find someone else that has used the same stuff.

I have built a nice digital rotor control and a really neat weather station just to name a couple.

Hope to meet some other "hackers".
73 Jim

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