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Re SSTV Contest... Aug 17th 2011, 16:28 2 8,563 on 23/8/11

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Re SSTV Contest... N5LRZ on 23/8/11
Just so you know, its OK if anyone is holding off to say that there just is not enough using or that no one club or organization cares about such few in number.

If that is the reason just say so. Do not hold back to save my feelings because I do not have any feelings to save.

Re SSTV Contest... N5LRZ on 17/8/11
The Country of Japan has each year for one month a SSTV contest.

I note that as I use only SSTV outside VHF frequencies that the United States does not have any SSTV contest at all....

Just curious, Is there a reason for this lack of a contest given that JA Land has a SSTV contest for an entire month each year?

Contesting ethics K0HB on 16/8/11
"in the spirit of the chase"?????? Is this some kind of Native American thing like the spirit of the dear or something.???

30 some odd years ago I had the great honor of logging for the Field Day Station that came in Second at the National Level. We were beat by a station in the Virgin Islands. WELL we achieved this high placement because we used a beam up 50 feet or so and a 1500 watt amp to send CW.

Well anytime the crowd got too close for comfort on our frequency we just turned on the big amp and sent CQ at about 30 wpm. This high speed combined with high power and a multiplier effect of the beam had the effect of limiting QRM.

Well that and 5 CW Gurus who ran code at easily over 25 wpm in their sleep....:)

Some general said all war is hell. If that is true than all contests are wars.
auto computer interference to HF mobile W8MKL on 16/8/11
The first thing you might do is go to the dealership that sells Nissan vehicles in your area. Ask for the telephone number of the the regional rep and hours he is available to receive calls and questions.

Give the rep a call and describe the noise and answer any questions he may have as to the install of the radio.

He probably will not know the answer being that he is not a tech person but he can give you the telephone number to a tech who can answer your question.

You should also be prepared to hear well we do not know, we never tested for that. Which is lingo meaning if anything breaks is your fault and your bill.
How do I report RFI to a mobile station? N1KPW on 16/8/11
I will add one thing to the above posts. In addition to the info above you have 4 problems to overcome: the company who manufactured the light, the electric company who provides electricity to the light, the city itself as owner and the FCC Itself....

The Interference source could be being sent out by the light and its method of install . Or the problem could be a bad electric pole at that corner. OR if that were not bad enough any combination.

Plus in addition of who to blame you have to remember that the FCC just might not do anything because its just a bad stop light.

But if the FCC does get interested you gotta know that city, electric company and the manufacturer of the light are going to be pointing fingers at everyone else but themselves so they do not have to spend money to fix the situation.

I think the bottom line is going to be that it will be far better to just not engage in conversation for that brief period of time and then pick up the conversation when you have passed that bad intersection.


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