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Power Line Interference. KM3F on 10/3/12
Here in southern NH, an area serviced by PSNH, I had power line noise from 160Mtrs through UHF since the ice storm in 2008. I tried getting it repaired a year ago, but my complaint was "lost". This year I tried again. Result?: within three weeks they had repaired all noise sources as well as worked on 28 more poles to prevent future recurrance. The problem was that during the ice storm many out of state companies worked to restore power (14 days). Some used insulated wires on the 19KV lines, and un-insulatged tie-wires to secure those feeds to the insulators. With time, those uninsulated wires wore through most of the insulation and pin-hole paths for arcing began. I had trouble believing that a 3' length of wire could develop enough potential to do this, but I saw the burnt wires myself. Call the power company, offer to help narrow the possible sources, and from my experience you will see results.

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