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Rotatable Dipole on 7/11/15
Thanks. That is what I was wondering about. Yes that would be a tough one on a push up pole. So may be back to the drawing board. I just got my antenna handbook so will be doing some reading and studying.
Rotatable Dipole on 3/11/15
I am planning on building or I should say would like to build a couple of rotatable dipoles. One for 17 m and one for 15 m. I have a small lot so would like to put these on the same push up pole. I would turn them 90 deg to each other which they each should be in each others null which shouldn't cause any problems. The problem is I can't find any info on how far to separate them. I would think you would want to stay away from multiples of the freq's.

The other thing I thought about was getting a 20, 15 and 10 rotatable and putting a 17 m below it but there again how far to separate them. Again I would put them 90 deg from each other. Looking for some thoughts and idea's. I know I could build fanned dipoles, use GR5V's, etc but would like to be able to rotate them. Thanks.


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