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Six Meter FM Feb 27th 2013, 12:34 3 12,694 on 31/3/13
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Six Meter FM KB5DOH on 27/2/13
There seems to be no real expert on the band plan and everyone has a different answer to my quest and points to arrl as their sorace of proof, so here is my question to ARRL on 50.200 I have been holding a Net, and do to technical problems have switched to FM mode from SSB mode one person told me FCC restricked this, another tells me the ARRL restricked this and another said qoute
"50.3 to 50.6 are noted as "all modes", while 50.2 sits squarely in the SSB/CW window. No FCC rules for this, but they have noted that Band plans supported by the Amatuer community is best practice." so now I ask can I or can't I operate the Net on 50.200.

Here is another reply: "You mentioned tonight that you were not sure if you could operate FM on 50.2 MHz legally. There is a chart on page 49 of the February 2013 QST that shows Amateur Band Usage. As I interpret the chart 50.0 to 50.1 MHz is CW only. From 50.1 to 54.0 MHz RTTY, data, phone, video, and CW is permissible. Nothing is said about what kind of phone so I would think FM or SSB on 50.2 MHz would be acceptable."

US Nets KB5DOH on 24/7/11
Well I am not sure if I am in the right place/forum is there a place on ARRL listing the many nets in the United States?.

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