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cables 4 kpc-3+ VX-6 or 857d ? Dec 29th 2017, 13:37 1 188 3 weeks ago
a tnc for a Yaesu -vx-6? or 857d ? Dec 28th 2017, 15:27 1 97 3 weeks, 1 day ago
a rig for the blind? maybe SDR? Alexa? Dec 25th 2017, 11:22 3 137 3 weeks, 2 days ago
tilted ATAS-120a work NVIS Nov 20th 2017, 13:51 1 213 on 20/11/17
Chameleon Mag loop good for NVIS? Nov 19th 2017, 13:53 1 209 on 19/11/17
Ft-8 has eaten PSK & Olivia on 20 meters Nov 5th 2017, 15:12 1 363 on 5/11/17
OpenSpot doesn't disconnect talk groups Nov 5th 2017, 15:03 1 220 on 5/11/17
How I got my dmr MD-2017 to do APRS Oct 20th 2017, 04:19 1 393 on 20/10/17
How do I get my md-2017 dmr to do APRS? Oct 17th 2017, 16:49 3 378 on 17/10/17
APRSdroid doesn't show on Oct 17th 2017, 12:46 1 293 on 17/10/17

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cables 4 kpc-3+ VX-6 or 857d ? KJ6BQM 3 weeks ago
I just ordered a kpc- 3 + TNC from HRO, but they dom't carry interface cables to my HT or ft-857d.

Can anybody point me to where they are before the next wildfire comes thru town?
a tnc for a Yaesu -vx-6? or 857d ? KJ6BQM 3 weeks, 1 day ago
i'm looking to tun packet with my vx-6 HT. I can't find any that explicity say there is a cable to connect it. Can anybody point me to a tnc that works w/ a vx-6?

I COULD use my ft-857d ( rather not) any suggestions for the best TNC for an 857d?
a rig for the blind? maybe SDR? Alexa? KJ6BQM 3 weeks, 4 days ago
My kid brother has AMD and is losing his sight. I had the idea of getting him, into ham radio but he says his vision is too poor now. I wonder if there is anything like an SDR rig that has an interface for the blind? Maybe some sort of IOt ( internet of things) skill for alexa?
tilted ATAS-120a work NVIS KJ6BQM on 20/11/17
I think I heard on "ARRL the doctor is in" that a tilted vertical will work NVIS.

I have an ATAS-120a mounted on the trunk lid of my Honda. If I open the trunk lid I can probably get it to slant around 30 degrees off vertical. Would that let me work NVIS on 40 meters? If so, what direction would it work best- off the rear of the car?
Chameleon Mag loop good for NVIS? KJ6BQM on 19/11/17
I have a cameleon mag loop antenna with the 80 meter extension. Would that work for NVIS coms? Would it be directional perpendicular to the plane of the loop?

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