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How decipher APRS traffic? Jul 16th, 07:29 2 140 4 weeks ago
mobilinkd tnc for winlink? Jun 9th, 13:13 1 245 on 9/6/18
ft8 legal for field day contacts? Jun 9th, 13:07 8 612 on 22/6/18
Ham radio repair? May 23rd, 14:37 2 349 on 23/5/18
RF power for Winmor on an 857 Mar 29th, 18:53 2 535 on 30/3/18
RF power for Winmor on an 857 Mar 29th, 18:34 1 491 on 29/3/18
cables 4 kpc-3+ VX-6 or 857d ? Dec 29th 2017, 13:37 1 931 on 29/12/17
a tnc for a Yaesu -vx-6? or 857d ? Dec 28th 2017, 15:27 1 801 on 28/12/17
a rig for the blind? maybe SDR? Alexa? Dec 25th 2017, 11:22 3 656 on 27/12/17
tilted ATAS-120a work NVIS Nov 20th 2017, 13:51 1 646 on 20/11/17

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How decipher APRS traffic? KJ6BQM on 16/7/18
I got a new Kenwood th-72a so I could work APRS, but I don't understand all the terms or the traffic that I'm seeing. Is there some place I can go to find out what all; these terms and jargon mean?
ft8 legal for field day contacts? KJ6BQM on 11/6/18
I'm up for both, but I have trouble copying more than 8 wpm. Whereas , I can broadcast "cq fd w6son" every 15 seconds on ft8. So we will see how that works compared to PSK-31 or CW. I'm going to pow-wow with the rest of the club.
mobilinkd tnc for winlink? KJ6BQM on 9/6/18
I am having boo coo headaches getting my kantronics kpc3+ to work. Is it possible to use my mobilinkd as a KISS modem? I tried it with outpost message manager, but the program can't see bluetooth as a com port.

Any ideas?
ft8 legal for field day contacts? KJ6BQM on 9/6/18
I can't see anything in the regs that forbid ft8 (or jt65, etc,) from field contacts.

Since you can modify the msg. macros to generate a script, it would be like free ice cream. Is it legal?
Ham radio repair? KJ6BQM on 23/5/18
I bought a Chinese Xiegu 108g QRP rig. Worked great for about six times. Now it powers up OK and the display stays on, but the signal drops out intermittently. I haven't gotten any response from "xiegu Technologies" about getting it serviced.

Is there anywhere I can send this for general troubleshooting & repair? I am a disabled vet with a gimp hand or I would take it on myself.

It's a $500 radio and I'm willing to spend money to get it running right



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