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First time DXCC applicant LOTW and Paper Apr 26th 2012, 18:42 2 3,269 on 27/4/12

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First time DXCC applicant LOTW and Paper KB5IAV on 26/4/12
I have gone through all of my old paper cards and my LOTW contacts and found I am eligible for DXCC. I have 51 countries on LOTW and probably around 60 from paper cards. I need to know where I should start. I've been licensed for 24 years with some periods of inactivity along the way, but now have enough countries confirmed to get DXCC but am having a little trouble figuring out how to do this type of application.

Should I send in or field check the paper cards first, followed by LOTW, or the other way around, or does it matter? Any tips would be appreciated.



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