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Dude Star Feb 21st 2022, 16:24 2 5,184 on 22/2/22
BBC Reports WSPR helping locate MH370 Dec 4th 2021, 20:33 2 4,522 on 5/12/21
VHF and UHF at the same time Mar 5th 2021, 05:07 2 4,558 on 5/3/21
Bazooka vs Ferrite Beads Feb 2nd 2021, 09:40 2 4,633 on 2/2/21
Circular polarization - Texas Eggbeater Oct 18th 2020, 16:39 2 4,851 on 19/10/20

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Dude Star K9YO on 21/2/22
In the latest QST there was a mention of Dude Star software with a download link I have tried the download link and it appears to be incorrect. I have also attempted to search the web for this software, but have not been able to find a trustworthy source. Can reco anyone recommend another download site?

Are there other packages that provide the same or similar functions?

BBC Reports WSPR helping locate MH370 K9YO on 4/12/21
The disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, carrying 239 passengers and crew, is one of the world's biggest aviation mysteries.

WSPR is being used to help locate the plane. Here is the BBC quote:

"No one had the idea before to combine Inmarsat satellite data, with Boeing performance data, with Oceanographic floating debris drift data, with WSPR net data," he said.

That is all the article said. Does any know any more?
VHF and UHF at the same time K9YO on 5/3/21
In satellite work it is good to be able to listen to your downlink signal at the same time as you are transmitting. I have a TS200 which has dual radios for this purpose. However, I only have one antenna. I use a duplexer to route the antenna to both receivers. I am afraid to try this. Will I hurt something if I do?

Ken K9YO
Bazooka vs Ferrite Beads K9YO on 2/2/21
Hi, I read the section in the handbook on baluns. I am planning some projects for satellite and maybe EME. In this case the signal is very weak and I think energy on the outside of the coax is waisted. Which technique is more efficient at reflecting the energy back where it should go: bazooka, ferrite beads or something else?
Allowing eQSL in ARRL Awards k4srq on 21/12/20
There are many DX stations that do not use lotw, but do use eqsl. Is it more important to allow honest hams to get DXCC than to prevent a few people from getting it by cheating. I doubt if there are many that would cheat and what do they get if they do? The only value of the award is the value to the individual ham who spent legal hours getting the needed contacts. I think ARRL needs to rethink the policy.

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