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JT65 during Field Day Apr 21st 2017, 23:26 6 11,903 on 27/8/17
WSJT-X QSOs Oct 19th 2016, 15:22 4 10,401 on 22/6/17

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WSJT-X QSOs N4FWD on 22/6/17
Just an update. Managed to complete my WAS award. You were correct, Zack. I´d like to thank KH6KG for working with me for a completed QSO. Now I just need to hang the WAS certificate on the wall. 8)
Raspberry Pi low power contesting KF7UBC on 31/5/17
No reason that you could not do it. I am using my Raspberry Pi 3 station to run JT65 & JT9 into my HF rig. Worked Russia last night on 20M.
JT65 during Field Day N4FWD on 21/4/17
It is true that slow digital modes will never compete with the traditional contesting modes (like CW, Phone, PSK31 keyboarding, etc.). However, when the bands seem to die down, the slower digital mode can shine and help capture a few more contacts. I am a big proponent of JT65 / JT9 and wanted to see if anyone else might want to give it a go for Field Day 2017. I propose the following exchange be employed:

Originator (using a TX Macro)
CQ FD [callsign]
[or the standard CQ ]

Answering (using standard maidenhead)
[callsign] [callsign] [maidenhead]

Originator (using standard signal report)
[callsign] [callsign] [report]

Answering (using standard signal reply)
[callsign] [callsign] [R report]

Originator (using TX Macro)
RR [mode] [location] 73 (example: RR 3A GA 73)

Answering (using TX Macro)
RR [mode] [location] 73 (example: RR 1D AL 73)

If the answering station is not participating in Field Day, they will get the basic information needed to log a contact. If the answering station is participating in Field Day, then the exchanged information will be the basic information for a Field Day contact.
WSJT-X QSOs N4FWD on 21/4/17
I've managed to get all states confirmed via LOTW except Hawaii using WSJT-X. So, now it is a matter of the propagation and luck.
computer and icom718 Transciever K2EPE on 19/10/16
Cooling will be the largest issue. All three items mentioned generate heat and without a good air flow, they might cause the computer to overheat. I presume that your antenna is an outdoor antenna. As such, stray RF should not be an issue provided everything is properly grounded.

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