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FD Operating Class Question Jun 11th 2015, 13:42 3 590 on 25/6/15

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FD Operating Class Question WA4JM on 25/6/15
Thanks for the reply. I will be in the front yard under an oak tree.
Radials Question WB5EMX on 11/6/15
Hi, I would avoid the use of aluminum entirely. The chemical composition of soil will cause it to deteriorate quickly. So you return on investment is small. The gauge of the wire is not critical so use what ever you can. Also, the radials need not be much longer than the antenna is high.
FD Operating Class Question WA4JM on 11/6/15
For the last 20+ years I have operated FD with the local club so figuring out what class the station would be was easy based on the rules. However this year I will be operating QRP with battery power from home. What class should I be using? I am guessing Class A battery?

I should also mention that this is a portable setup in my front yard so maybe Class B Battery?

Thanks, in advance, John-WA4JM
Favorite Rigs For QRP Contesting? KX9X on 25/11/11
Hi Sean,

My rig of choice has been the TenTec 516, but I ma now playing with the TenTec R4020. Fits in a small bag antenna and all.

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