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Proper way to tune the Hustler BTV-4 Jan 2nd 2012, 17:11 2 6,900 on 2/1/12

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Proper way to tune the Hustler BTV-4 N3MOW on 2/1/12
Searching the available literature and a call to the manufacturer reveals two distinct methods for correctly tuning the Hustler BTV-4.

The BTV-4 is a four band vertical (40,20,15 and 10).

The manufacturer's instructions say to shorten/lengthen each section as needed to bring the band to resonance. Tune the highest band first then work up to the others.

Others say do not cut any aluminum, adjust the traps instead. They provide instruction on how to do this. If the antenna is not tuned in this way it will not perform up to design specs.

My antenna is ground mounted above 20 25' radials arranged in a 360 degree pattern. The radials are burried 2" below the ground.

My antenna was tuned by shortening it. The SWR is good on all bands. New_Tronics says this OK and make no changes in the system.

Others say restore the cut off portions and replace the radial field with tuned radials. Essentialy start over.

I'd like to know which approach is correct. If there is an Elmer out there who would like to help via e-mail, just let me know in your response.


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