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What is the secret to logging zones/sections close to your QTH? Macromancer on 25/11/12
I will agree with the idea of low dipoles on 80 and 40 m. AND also 25 feet up seems to be ideal. All 39 WA counties, most worked on both bands in the QSO party. Plus several in OR. 20m gave a bunch of DX at the same height.
Contestants assisting low power stations VK3NRW on 25/11/12
Is it just me, or are contestants professionals, rather than amateurs? In one contest, I .was a pile-uper, KLI WA. One mega contester came on top and started blasting CQ DX NO USA. He was told by several that there was a station (me) that people were trying to work on that frequency and his cleaned up reply was for me to eat fertilizer. This Outlaw N7-- then insisted that that late in the contest, everyone had their US contacts.
And one other question - Why would 465 people contact me and less than 100 QSL even electronically - especially if they take the time to send in an electronic entry? It takes me 2 minutes each for uploads to QRZ and eQSL and about 10 minutes for LoTW with my slow computer.
Yes, I am an old timer, but I lost almost all my records and equipment in two fires and a house emptying burglary. {(ARRL, LoTW is fine, except when I am starting over I see "eQSL, AG" as offering more PDF awards - that I can afford and have life left to earn, than you have.)}
YES, I am low power - solar at that, but not QRP.
YES! ok I need more than 5 words.... The numbers 6146 is the type description. The A, B, C are revisions, often the envelope size. There used to be tube substitution books available and the REAL ARRL handbooks have the tube section in the back ....Until they were replaced by party conductors. REMEMBER - Real Radios Glow in the Dark!
Contesting, but not for prizes kp4ray on 10/11/12
I got to work about 35 minutes of one contest --- and got a certificate for the top score in my county with, as I remember, 28 contacts or so. AND PLEASE submit your log, both to the sponsor and to LoTW and to eQSL. as AG. If you enjoy the contact, the ham you contact may want the credit, also. Those two verifiers handle different awards.
Battery Charging kf7vxa on 23/10/12
Only one comment, and not being critical, but for 40 amp alternator, I need 6 hp, so for 63 Amp I would recommend at least a 7.5 to 10 HP engine. Any smaller and the engine will stall when the batteries are below about 50 to 60%. Also realize the speed of the engine and the speed of the alternator also determine the output and the required pulley size on the engine. Changing pulley size on the alternator is not very practical. is a good source for current information - although they no longer sell the full generator kits.
7 years off grid.. Doug

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