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Sea/Spece Buoy Project WA8SME on 4/6/12
Hi All,

Chris, KE6BAQ, I am a physics teacher at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, CA and I thought I'd Chime in.

First, Mark I love this idea for this project! Being near the ocean and also a 'sailor' I am thinking of some great ideas on how to use such a buoy system/network to help my kids sail better when they race their Naples sabots in Long Beach.

Second, I am working on a similar system for use in my school's solar powered boat engineering project. We are developing, albeit very slowly, an APRS telemetry system to continuously monitor boat performance while its on the water. We want to measure the following: Battery System Voltage, the Photovoltaic System Supply Current and the Total System Current supplied to the motor and the control. We are basing our system on equipment we purchased from Argent Data Systems, using the OpenTracker1+-SMT for the TNC, a SRB MX146 transmitter (like the one in figure 2 of p.34 of the artilce in teh May QST), and a Unitraq GT-525 GPS. So far, we have bought all the parts using a grant from the Orange County . Engineering Council. Now we are scratching our heads trying to figure out how to assemble the parts.... I need some (more likely a lot) of Elmering for this part....

Anything we develop at here at SHHS we'll gladly share with the group and TI-2!


Chris Peoples

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