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Bad QRM from stovetop circuit Jan 13th 2021, 00:16 2 4,323 on 13/1/21

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Bad QRM from stovetop circuit WO4X on 13/1/21
I have terrible QRM from my stove circuit, 5 S-units, repeating every several hundred Hz. aross 80m and 40m. It comes in through the antenna. When I disconnect the antenna, it goes away. When I run the radio from a battery with the antenna attached, it is still there. When I turn off the circuit breaker to the cooktop, it goes away.

I can't remember for certain, but I think it must have started when I installed a new Samsung cooktop with touch controls about 6 months ago.

This seems pretty impractical to install torroids unless somebody knows something I don't. What about the Timewave ANC-4 or MFJ 1026?

Has anybody solved this sort of problem?

73 Jim WO4X

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