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Account Status QSLs KK5RX on 4/5/17
Question on the Account status page. Listed under the Awards tab on LOTW. The "New LOTW QSLs" and "Total (All)" columns are not the same as the "Total (Current)" column. Why is that?

I could understand a difference if I had made submission for an award, in which case the columns would represent totals received and totals not applied. But, I have not made any submissions.. So I would have thought that all totals would / should equal.

And, when I go to apply for an award, what column do I reference as to the number of QSLs?


5 band DXCC KK5RX on 25/12/16
Yeah, I goofed on the 160. (Must confess that in all years I've been a ham, I don't think I've ever had a QSO on 160!!!)

My point on the WARC bands is that they came into existence by international agreement of the ICU members, The hobby - on a global scale - had expanded. Why shouldn't the awards program expand as well to reflect those changes and reflect what is current..

Countries often re-align on the DXCC list. Think of the various Dutch Caribbean islands of couple years ago. Yes, I am aware of the political entity requirement for DXCC. My point is, when the playing field changed regarding these DXCC countries the awards program changed to reflect a new political landscape. (how many time do you have to work Bonaire or STM to prove you've worked them???)
And would I feel gyped if I had a 5BDXCC on 80 - 10, and suddenly the WARC bands were added? Cant say for sure, but I can say that I have accepted similar award and rule changes in other hobbies (racing) because of updates that kept the hobby current. So, based on that, I would say that I would accept the additional bands. To me the bottom line is that 100+ QSLs on the WARC bands is no less an accomplishment that 100 on 80 - 10. Which is why I suggest either adding the WARC QSLs to the 5 Band award or that the name of the award be changed to reflect what the award is really for.

anyway...Merry Christmas to all.

tks & cul


5 band DXCC KK5RX on 22/12/16
Why aren't the WARC bands eligible for 5 band DXCC credit?
Why only 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10?
I live in a HOA area with a small lot, so 160 will never be in a log entry for me. And lately, thee just doesn't seem to be a lot of "new ones" on 80 and 10 -- especially after reaching about 65 or so QSLs.
5 bands = 5 bands. Why is the award for only a certain 5 bands.

I think that the rules should be changed to include any 5 bands; or the name of the award should be changed.


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