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Cross Band Radio KG6SYX on 10/1/14
Recently I was trying out cross band radios with repeaters. Even thought there was no transmitted signal sent via my Handheld or truck radios, or other outside radios via the repeater there continued to be a nuisance signal received. There was no real pattern to this nuisance signal, it seem to occur randomly. Could be a fallout from the repeaters hang time or maybe something to do with my truck radio while in cross band radio mode?
Desert emergency communication WA2BRV on 20/12/13
My apologies for not see this post earlier in the process. I have and still do spend a lot of time in the Mojave Desert and I use a FT-8900 radio. There are others who use FT-7800 radios and do just fine. I would recommend a radio with dual band/channel capabilities one channel for simplex and the other for repeaters. If the newly licensed ham visits the Mojave Desert then table mountain 2 meter repeater maybe the one best repeater to use. I know for a fact table mountain has reach 9 miles pasted Baker and I've told it will reach to NV/CA state line.
Cross Banding Radio KG6SYX on 20/12/13
When camping I would like to be able to link-up with a repeater when I'm away from my truck and Cross Banding my FT-8900 with Kenwood TH-F6 may be the answer. I've been reading up and thanks to Gary Pearce, KN4AQ, Getting Started - Cross Band Repeat, Extract SERA Repeater Journal I have a fairly good understanding of what to expect with cross banding radios. The only question I have about cross banding radios with repeaters is what to do about the repeater hang time. That several second pause when the repeater stays on the air before dropping off. Any suggestions about to address the repeater hang time would be appreciated.

ps: Merry Christmas Everyone
RST (Readability, Strength, Tone) KG6SYX on 4/11/13
Would it be correct to say: An RST is a report about the quality and strength of transmitted signal to receiving stations (QTH). This RST report is based upon the operator's personal judgment about the quality (understandability) and strength (power) of the transmitted signal at the receiving station's location (QTH).

Now if S-meters come into play for RST reports are we assuming they calibrated for RST reports or maybe we don't care if the S-meter is calibrated?
RF Safety KG6SYX on 31/7/13
With my FCC Amateur License Renewal package from ARRL VEC (and thanks for the package) came a document titled "Additional Information for Amateurs Completing Form 605", basic subject: Sign an RF Safety Certification.

My questions are:

1) Is the information about RF Safety provided with the FCC Amateur License Renewal package any different than the safety information provided in ARRL's RF Exposure and You by Ed hare, W1RFI?

2) If the answer is no then very good, should the answer be yes there are differences then not so good and what are these differences?

3) What defines Amateur Licensee objective evidence of compliance to the FCC Radio Frequency Radiation Safety requirement? How do I prove compliance?

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