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California no hands law Jan 5th, 23:30 2 875 on 8/1/17
Solar Power Bucket Oct 3rd 2016, 15:38 4 527 on 7/10/16
G5RV & Very High SWR Jan 2nd 2016, 00:26 2 776 on 2/1/16
G5RV Antenna Installation Dec 24th 2015, 16:21 3 941 on 22/6/16
Follow-Up to Wilderness Protocol Sep 14th 2014, 13:02 2 1,616 on 2/11/14
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California no hands law AI6OZ on 5/1/17
Is there any action being taken by ARRL about the new California no hands law involving cell phones and ham radios? The rumor is the new California no hand law did not have a wavier excluding mobile ham radios from the law. The last couple of days I heard several folks asking and no one really knew the answer.
Solar Power Bucket AI6OZ on 7/10/16

As you suggested I’ve been looking at N1UHF’s portable batteries/solar web site. It looks like his Uni-Solar MBC-131 5.5 Watt 12v portable solar panel may be the answer to my solar questions.

What I don’t see and he mentioned at least once was the solar charge controller, what solar charge controller would work best with the Uni-Solar MBC-131 5.5 Watt 12v portable solar panel?

And right or wrong I’m assuming I can use the Uni-Solar MBC-131 5.5 Watt 12v portable solar panel to charge my genesis NP7-12 12v 7.0ah batteries. Plus, with a solar charge controller I would connect the solar panel directly to my FT-817.

There is heaps and oodles of information about solar panels and I seem to have reached my information overload thresholds. So if I have this all wrong I would appreciate you saying so.

Thanks & Cheers Beers
Solar Power Bucket AI6OZ on 4/10/16
Thanks I'll look into it.
Cheers Beers
Solar Power Bucket AI6OZ on 3/10/16
I have come across a solar power bucket by madcow120 I would like to use for my FT-817 mobile operations ( and what I need to know is:

What is the -
1. Recommend solar panel to use?
2. Charge controller to use?
(Ideally low cost)

And other concerns I should be aware of?

Thanks &
Cheers Beers
G5RV & Very High SWR AI6OZ on 2/1/16
I have recently purchased a G5RV Mini Band antenna that covers 20, 17, 15, and 10 meters. My home station consists of FT-950, MFJ-929 tuner, LMR-400 low lost coax line all connected to my G5RV antenna.

The G5RV center mounting bracket is currently mounted on 10 foot PVC pipe about 25 feet above ground. The PVC pipe is in turn mounted on a metal pipe (giving me the 25 feet above ground) and there is about 8 feet between the metal pipe and the G5RV center mounting bracket on the PVC pipe.

The G5RV copper stranded wire is mounted similar to the G5RV center mounting bracket along the edge of my garage giving it a L – shape configuration, also about 25 feet above around.

The area around the G5RV consist of the two garages the antenna is mounted between, one large RV parked in front of my neighbor’s garage, and the utilities power and phone about 10 feet or so behind/next to the antenna.

My problem - The 20, 17, and 15 meters bands all have very high SWR and the MFJ-929 tuner is unable to adjust from the very high SWR down to a low SWR. 10 meters has no difficulties tuning to a low SWR. I have a LMR-400 coax 6 coil choke inline (or not inline) but this doesn’t seem to make any difference, I still get very high SWR.

What I do not understand is why and what I can do about it. Does anyone have any suggestions about why I have Very High SWR and what I can do about it???


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