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First rig - IC-22U aux socket vs microphone Sep 2nd 2012, 21:59 5 5,802 on 22/10/12

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First rig - IC-22U aux socket vs microphone KC8YOS on 2/9/12
Hi all,

I'm finally getting a chance to put together my first rig, and if I can get it up and running, I plan on using it in my college physics class as a teaching tool.

I picked up an IC-22U a number of years back, and I plan to do phone and packet for a start, and CW later once I set up a horizontal antenna. I'd like to have the mic up front, and the TNC coming out the aux socket (and a CW key later). I'm having a devil of a time finding info on this rig other than reviews and the manual.

So, is the pinout for the microphone the same as the aux socket? It's also possible I'm being a clueless newbie, and I have no ego to bruise.

Thanks for any advice!


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