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Grid Tie Pv INVERTER RFI concern Jan 12th 2013, 18:56 2 7,110 on 18/1/13

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Grid Tie Pv INVERTER RFI concern K7YDL on 12/1/13
I am deciding on which INVERTER I will install with my 6 Kw PV grid tie solar powered system, which is going to be about 40 feet from my shack and antennas. I am told the very low grid impedance makes these full sign wave inverters less of an RFI problem than 'near' sign wave inverters feeding battery banks.
Nonetheless, has anyone had significant RFI levels from a system using the SMA SB4000US inverter? I have selected it from others due to high engineering standards of SMA and the use of an internal transformer to reduce leading edge spikes on the 'switched' waveform.

Any personal experience feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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