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Antenna Regulation and Zoning S1685/HR1301 Jun 15th 2016, 02:07 3 7,412 on 1/8/17

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Antenna Regulation and Zoning S1685/HR1301 KG6TPA on 15/6/16
The "Amateur Radio Parity Act" (Senate Bill 1685 and House Bill 1301) seem fine as they currently stand; that is, without the proposed amendment described in the ARRL news item "06/07/2016 | ARRL, Community Associations Institute Find Common Ground on Parity Act Language".

Of note are two items in the amendment:
(1) having to notify an "HOA" prior to erecting an antenna and
(2) changing the name as originally proposed.

I am not in a mandatory HOA and the changes do not affect me directly but many of my fellow ham operators are.

The bills should be passed as written and the ARRL should NOT support the amendments.

Such restrictions that prevent antennas should never be recognized since they fly in the face of existing Federal regulations. It has long been my understanding that contracts cannot evade laws just because the contract is constructed with that purpose.

It is reasonable to keep some sense of aesthetics and friendly cooperation with neighbors but the current environment of overbearing HOAs is very unreasonable.

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