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Random wire along fence top AG3EK on 18/8/12
I have a similar CC issue and have used a 67' wire into the trees in the rough at the golf course. Using a LDG At100Pro and a LDG 4::1 balun. It tunes 80 and 20 meters without ant problem. I have used it on 160 briefly as a test as well. I have tried 40m w/o success. After 5 plus years, I have converted to a home brewed OCF dipole with a 45' leg over the house and a 90' leg into the rough. This antenna tunes 160, 80, 60,30, and 20 meters. It uses a 4::1 current balun and may also tune other bands. Good luck.
WAS Forum K0STK on 17/6/12
It unclear to me if the basic WAS award can be all states of course with mixed bands and or mixed modes. Help appreciated.

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