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remote vs local antenna 'tuning' Jul 19th 2013, 06:40 2 5,922 on 19/7/13

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remote vs local antenna 'tuning' AF2U on 19/7/13
I operate QRP and want to use a single roof-mounted vertical with 32 random-length radials for nearly all the HF bands. For such a design, I'll need a 'tuner'. Which is the most efficient (power transfer wise) to use; a remote 'tuner' tied at the antenna base or a local 'tuner' at the transmitter?? It's my impression that remote is the way to go since the transmitter and coax from it will see 50 Ohms at the 'tuner' near the antenna base. I think my concern is that the coax not be a part of the antenna system that radiates. Can anyone direct me to information regarding making this selection? I understand why a 'tuner' is needed for impedance adjustment, but I'm not certain that having the 'tuner' at the transmitter is the best idea although it is the most common arrangement.
tnx, Don

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