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ARRL QST Android app is Potentially Dangerous NS6Q 2 weeks, 6 days ago
The League uses the commercial service of for Digital QST. nxtbook's clients are asking for the privs, which is (unfortunately) a common practice in the industry.

73 Martin AA6E
Reverse Class D Exemption from Field Day AA1PR 4 weeks, 1 day ago
Class E running on a generator, batteries, or whatever is a good test of your actual emergency capability at home, in line with FD's purpose, I think. If you allowed full credit for class D, there's the potential that people would start treating FD as just another contest. (There's already too much of that, IMHO.)
RF Grounds, when a ground and when a Antenna? 1200bruce on 27/6/16
Any wire that carries RF current that is not balanced (with equal and opposite currents) or shielded is going to be part of your antenna system. It will radiate to some extent, causing interference in your shack and changing the antenna's radiation pattern. Shortening the ground connections helps, but the way to eliminate RF currents where they shouldn't be is to make sure your antenna is properly balanced -- so that no currents flow on the outside of your coax, and minimal currents flow in the ground system. (You might also use a current mode 1:1 "unun" in your coax run to stop currents outside the shield.) From the RF point of view, when the antenna is just right, there is no ground current -- and you don't need an RF ground at all. You still do need a good ground for AC and lightning protection.

73 Martin AA6E
Cell Phone Site and Repeater Site K7IHI on 25/6/16
One opinion FWIW: Technically possible, although some cell services are in the high UHF range, so I can't be 100% sure. Getting physical access to the tower or a support building might be very difficult however -- at a price you could afford. Risk for the tower operator, insurance issues, etc.

73 Martin AA6E
Accessing ARRL Handbook CD ROM on IPAD niemoell on 21/6/16
Any PDF reader app on iTunes should do the job, not only Acrobat. However, your problem may be how to transfer a CDROM to the iPad. For this, you will probably need to use a PC (or even better, a Macintosh) that can mount the disk and share it over the network. You may need to consult an iPad / iOS expert about the details of the transfer of the PDF files - using WiFi most likely. Alternatively, there might be an option to mount a USB-interfaced CDROM drive directly on the iPad. Again, you may need an iPad expert to help. (Not me, sorry!)

73 Martin AA6E

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