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Newbie with CW learning problem W0SJF 1 day, 15 hours ago
No magic there. I frequently don't copy a letter or even a word at higher speeds. Just drop it and pick up the text when you can! The good news is that there is enough redundancy in a typical QSO that you can figure out the important stuff even with some gaps.

If you have a problem remembering the code for a particular letter, I'd suggest just sending typical text to yourself or use canned practice recordings. Eventually it just clicks. (I'm remembering what I did 50 years ago, so take it with a grain of salt!)

Good luck & 73, Martin AA6E
Using relays to switch rig coax cables to common antenna coax WA2P 1 week ago
Depends on the power level, SWR, and frequency. Tell us more! Open frame relays are commonly used in low to moderate power equipment, where a 100 watt transmitter with a 50 ohm load and 1:1 SWR would imply a peak voltage of 100 volts or so. Vrms = sqrt(R x P).

So a relay with contacts rated for 120 vac and at least 2 Amps might be OK for HF, especially if you don't try "hot" switching. High SWR is another story.

73 Martin AA6E
Tower Guys into antennas?? K6NYB 1 week, 4 days ago
My sense is that the separation between end of your dipole and the tower is not critical. Being closer will detune the dipole somewhat (probably lowering the resonance frequency). On the other hand, you want the other end as high off the ground as possible -- for the same reasons. Maybe split the difference and put half of your guy rope above and half below the dipole. Keep in mind that your antenna system has to have all the physical strength you would want from a simple guy wire. I.e., make it strong.

Another approach would be to have a single dipole (or two dipoles at right angles) with the feed point(s) at the top of your tower with the legs sloping downward. This would increase the effective height of the dipole(s) -- maybe better than having 4 separate dipoles, and easier to manage.

73 Martin AA6E
Help Identifying Vintage B&K Product NE6F 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Aha. It looks like a "crystal calibrator" device that might be installed as an option in an older receiver, but probably that's not it if the crystal is 3.53 MHz.

I suspect it's TV-related. B&K (note NOT B&W!) made a range of TV alignment generators, and this could have been a piece of one of those.

Hopefully, someone will recognize the specific product.

73 Martin AA6E
Help Identifying Vintage B&K Product NE6F 2 weeks, 5 days ago
Those photos don't come through for me. Did you mark them for public sharing?

73 Martin AA6E

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