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SO-239 Right angle feed through KM4ORN 1 week, 3 days ago
Robert -

I don't think I've ever seen a right-angle feedthrough. I would consider a normal straight UHF (female to female) feedthrough with a right-angle UHF adapter (female to male) inside the wall. Those parts should be readily available.

73 Martin AA6E
contacting other hams JeffKD8GIR 2 weeks, 6 days ago
The advice above mostly applies to HF operations. If you're on VHF/UHF FM, the etiquette is a little different. People don't call CQ, They might say "This is W1xyz, is anyone around?" Or, "... for a signal check." This varies by region, too, I think! It's always good to listen a lot and see how the other folks do it. Maybe you can check into an open net - when they ask for new check ins.

73 Martin AA6E
"Third-Party" QSOs KC6NLX on 31/8/16
IANAL but... I'd say it doesn't matter *who* says it, but the station needs to identify. Your guest could say other-op-callsign this is my-callsign -- the same as you would normally do it. On the other hand, it's probably better if you, the control op, do it, because you're motivated and familiar with the procedure. I am not aware of any duty to announce who all the people are who are speaking! But it would be good procedure to note this in your log. You do keep a log, don't you? :)

There is some confusion about whether, when you say "this is AA6E", you are identifying yourself (the operator) or the station. Properly speaking the callsign goes with the station, not the operator. In the good old days you got separate operator and station licenses, with the callsign attached to the station license. Now, of course, the two licenses are merged into one.

73 Martin AA6E
ARRL QST Android app is Potentially Dangerous NS6Q on 10/7/16
The League uses the commercial service of for Digital QST. nxtbook's clients are asking for the privs, which is (unfortunately) a common practice in the industry.

73 Martin AA6E
Reverse Class D Exemption from Field Day AA1PR on 1/7/16
Class E running on a generator, batteries, or whatever is a good test of your actual emergency capability at home, in line with FD's purpose, I think. If you allowed full credit for class D, there's the potential that people would start treating FD as just another contest. (There's already too much of that, IMHO.)

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