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Plated antenna elements WA1DF 5 days, 22 hours ago
If you want to estimate the effect of plating on RF characteristics, you need to know the skin depth (the depth to which RF currents penetrate in a conductor) and compare that with the plating thickness. The formula for this should be found in the Handbook or online. It depends on frequency and on conductivity of the material. If your plating is more than a few skin depths thick, you can ignore the base material, so far as RF is concerned.

I think the main reason to consider plating is for corrosion properties, however. Building an antenna out of gold or silver plated components may look jazzy, but at best you reduce your losses by a small amount. (It's more significant at UHF / microwave frequencies.) It will not increase your gain or change your radiation pattern much at all. If it keeps the elements from decomposing in the weather, though, it could be a good deal. Gold is great for this, but it's not the cheapest solution!

73 Martin AA6E
Hooking up an Amplifier kb3knx 4 weeks ago
Your tuner is probably not rated for the AL-811's output power level, so you might need a new tuner. That's if you really need a tuner at all. If your antenna(s) are matched well enough (SWR < 2:1 or so), you shouldn't need it.

73 Martin AA6E
QST as Downloadable PDF W4MSL on 16/12/15
You can get full issues of QST, QEX, and NCJ on the Annual CD/DVD. These become available a few months into each new year.

Unfortunately, at $25, members would be paying twice for the same content. I have suggested that the annual DVD should be available to members as a low-cost add-on to the membership rate. Some other magazines do that, even sometimes at no extra cost.

Having PDFs for download to members would be even more convenient and cheaper to provide, but there is the question of whether they would leak out to non-members and discourage dues-paying membership. You could consider a 1-year delay in availability, perhaps. Digital QST downloads are useful, but their proprietary format is not the right choice for archival storage.

73 Martin AA6E
Use of call sign with Part 15 devices on 33 cm and 70 cm ISM bands KC1ENN on 9/12/15
If you're operating under FCC regs for a service OTHER than Part 97 (Amateur Service), you need to follow the rules that apply to that service. As to ID, it's only a question of what is required under Part 15, i.e., none. See Part 15 regs.

I happen to use my callsign as an SSID on my home WiFi system, but that doesn't mean I'm operating Part 97. Or so I hope.

Sounds like a good QST article there! (But then you have to call it ham radio. :-)

73 Martin AA6E
nxtbook android file - very large size com.nxtbook.arrl OH2BVE on 14/11/15
@Zack: You need hi-res for some of the graphics, but it is way overkill (if you care about file sizes) to use hi-res to give full page images for all content. Ideally, you use text formats (compact) for text data and only use hi-res where it is really necessary. Maybe the advertising pages should be optional? (Heresy, I know!)

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