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Looking for a local Ham Radio Supplier renegadebaileys 1 day, 22 hours ago
Couple of suggestions: Meet your local hams through a radio club, make friends, ask for advice and/or tours of their shacks. Some clubs have club stations you could check out. Maybe somebody will have a current radio that you'd be interested in. Schedule a trip to CT, and check out the fine late model equipment for visitors at W1AW!

73 Martin AA6E
Old general manual KC5QYH 2 weeks ago

You would have to say how old a license manual. The question pool is changed on a fairly regular basis, so it's best to have the latest edition. That said, if you know the material well from an older manual, you're well on your way!

73 Martin AA6E
Net Check-in Validity AD6FC 2 weeks ago
It comes down to your club's policy. You can handle it any way you want if it advances the purpose of the club.

Personally, I'd say that the meaning of "checking in" is that you're there and available to participate in the net. If you're not audible on the air, or at least reachable through a relay, you can't participate. (Some nets might allow an Internet check-in or Echolink, so the line is a little blurry.)

If a club member really wants to participate, but can't for whatever reason, I suppose you could have a proxy check-in, but how does that help the net or the club? It's a little too easy and casual to count for much, in my opinion.

Good luck & 73, Martin AA6E
New ARRL Member 2 Queries vk2cri on 8/8/15
LoTW is all electronic and has nothing to do with printed QSL cards. You could strike out all the obsolete data and write in your new call & address on your cards (or use stickers). It's your choice. It's really a question of what kind of impression you want to make on your radio friends, and how much you want to pay!

I believe you will need to start a new LoTW account with your new callsign & QTH. Your old DXCC credits would not carry over if you have moved to a new country. I expect that's true of WAS, also.

Good luck & 73 - Martin AA6E
(a user, but not an authority on LoTW!)
Analog Atomic Wall Clock With Silent Second Hand No Battery WD6EJN on 11/6/15
Network time sync with computers can be quite good - and cheap. With NTP client software, you can get timing accurate in the msec range without much trouble. It compensates for network delays, and compares against a group of time servers. Further info:

73 Martin AA6E

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