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Callsign lookup as a web-service N0BOK 1 day ago
It isn't free, but you could use the XML service.

73 Martin AA6E
fldigi 4.04 Portaudio error 2 HB9CPS on 14/5/17
The ARRL Forum is not an especially good place to ask technical questions about fldigi. It would be much better to join one of the fldigi discussion groups mentioned in the W1HKJ's software page and describe your problem there.

73 Martin AA6E
psk31 leroy271 on 10/5/17
The most common problem is over-modulation that causes splatter (very broad signal) that cannot be decoded by anyone else. If you are using a typical 100 W transceiver, make sure that your output power level is not more than about 30 W. (Turn down mic gain.) Shut off any voice processor. Make sure that your ALC light (if you have one) never comes on. This should minimize distortion and get you a clean signal on the air.

73 Martin AA6E
"host mode" for tablet - dStar id-51a plus? KJ6BQM on 1/5/17
Host mode is apparently the same as OTG (on the go) USB support. See Wikipedia article. There are numerous Android apps in Google Play to check your device. Search for "OTG checker".
QSL Cards still used? KD2LZS on 2/4/17
Many do, but probably not as many as in the old days. Sure, you can ask - or just send a card, asking for return, possibly with SASE. Many folks use electronic services now, like Logbook of the World,,, etc. If you are looking to earn awards, you can often use electronic qsls (LoTW for WAS, DXCC, etc.).

The situation for DX QSLs is more complicated. You can use the QSL bureau system (low cost, slow) or send direct (fast, expensive), but the electronic route may be faster and cheaper. Consult the station's listing in or other online sources to see what their requirements are for QSLs. Often, they charge US$2.


73 Martin AA6E

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