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nxtbook android file - very large size com.nxtbook.arrl OH2BVE 2 weeks, 1 day ago
@Zack: You need hi-res for some of the graphics, but it is way overkill (if you care about file sizes) to use hi-res to give full page images for all content. Ideally, you use text formats (compact) for text data and only use hi-res where it is really necessary. Maybe the advertising pages should be optional? (Heresy, I know!)
nxtbook android file - very large size com.nxtbook.arrl OH2BVE 2 weeks, 2 days ago
I agree this is a problem. The QST monthly file is a couple of hundred MB, because it stores page images, photos, etc. in a high-res format, and there are the video files, too.

The PDF files on the annual DVDROM are more reasonable -- but they aren't easy to manage on a small screen. Actually, the QST apps don't work all that well on a small screen either! I'd prefer a format that provided optimized "flowing" text as appropriate for your screen. I understand that's hard to provide without substantial added work at the League.

73 Martin AA6E
Complaints About Product Ads mrmonteith on 24/10/15
Ads in the good old days (50s & 60s when I started out) would sometimes take a whole page to explain new technologies and how to design radios using their components. I remember GE, RCA, Collins, and Eimac.

These days, ads are designed to sell boxes at a profit and not much more.

But the good news is that there are lots of information sources for newcomers: the web, QST and CQ magazines, many introductory books from ARRL and others. There are forums, like this one, where you can ask specific questions and hopefully get good tips. You can check out my little list about online forums.

73 Martin AA6E
Looking for a local Ham Radio Supplier renegadebaileys on 5/10/15
Couple of suggestions: Meet your local hams through a radio club, make friends, ask for advice and/or tours of their shacks. Some clubs have club stations you could check out. Maybe somebody will have a current radio that you'd be interested in. Schedule a trip to CT, and check out the fine late model equipment for visitors at W1AW!

73 Martin AA6E
Old general manual KC5QYH on 23/9/15

You would have to say how old a license manual. The question pool is changed on a fairly regular basis, so it's best to have the latest edition. That said, if you know the material well from an older manual, you're well on your way!

73 Martin AA6E

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