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Green check mark what does this mean Jul 28th 2014, 19:20 1 6,892 on 28/7/14

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Amplifier Tubes W5RAA on 5/4/15
Rick I have been working on old Yaesu FL2000B amp it had low output and I purchased a AL-811H amp the Yaesu uses 2 572B tubes which are a HD version of the 811A. I removed 2 of the 811A and tried them in the Yaesu and amp and it had good output. Not much else can go wrong in amps that would not result in something you would see or smell due to the voltage and such used.
One State to Go - WY GM4CFS on 1/8/14
You might want to check out K3UK LOTW board

73 Morris wa4mit
Green check mark what does this mean Morris on 28/7/14
I am trying to determine why I have not received credit for a HI 15M JT65 QSO. Doing a KH6 search shows several QSO`S and two QSO`s with green checks in column preceding the WAS column one QSO in particular is not showing up for HI 15M JT65 mode credit. What does the green check mark mean does this effect QSO credit. I looked at QSO detail both sides list 15M jt65 but the WAS column does not show 15M it only list HI JT65. I hope I explained this properly can anyone tell me what is wrong here?. Thanks Morris WA4MIT

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