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LOTW upload of Field Day Cabrillo? Jun 27th 2013, 22:53 3 6,120 on 27/3/14

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LOTW upload of Field Day Cabrillo? N5EG on 28/6/13
Was able to convert the files to ADIF using CAB2ADIF. However it took several hours to figure out how.

No matter what I did, CAB2ADIF kept giving errors that the input file was not found. I reformatted the name to 8.3 all upper case format, with a CAB suffix. Put the program and the files in the C: root directory, still nothing worked. Always got Cabrillo input file not found.

Turns out one of the logging program puts the Cabrillo Header lines in a different order and CAB2ADIF when reading the file gives a "file not found" error rather than "file found, but header wrong". Not too helpful.

Tried a bunch of Cabrillo files until I found one that could read sucessfully, then hand-edited the actual Field Day logs (CW, and Phone) to have the exact same order and sequence as the one file that would read sucessfully. Didn't change the information, just the line order. Then it sucessfully converted the CW (N3FJP) and Phone (N1MM) logs each to ADIF after which TQSL uploaded OK. Ten percent of the QSO's immediately matched in LOTW.

-- Tom, N5EG
LOTW upload of Field Day Cabrillo? N5EG on 27/6/13
I did not see an ARRL forum for LOTW.

Our loggers created Cabrillo files for our phone and cw stations this weekend.

When I try to sign-and-upload to LOTW using TSQL 1.14.1, TQSL says that "ARRL-FIELD-DAY" is an invalid contest name (that's the exact string that came out of two different logging programs). In looking through the Cabrillo V2 and V3 specifications, I cannot find Field Day listed as a valid value for the contest name. Since I don't have ADIF files, how do I upload these contacts to LOTW?

-- Tom, N5EG
How to access info in back issues of QEX and NCJ W0BTU on 2/11/11
There is a way to access the older QEX CD ROM (I've done this on WinXP-SP3).

1. Install the version of AVIEW that comes with the Ham Radio or Communications Quarterly CDROM (it's newer and works with 32-bit Windows).

2. Insert the QEX CDROM, and double click the install program. It will tell you that AVIEW is already installed, and ask if you want to re-install it. Click 'No'. This will leave the more current version already installed, but will place the index for QEX into the menu.

3. From that point you can access the contents of QEX CDROM normally.

-- Tom, N5EG

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