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QST in electronic format KB0HAE on 16/10/12
Thanks G0KLA. You're correct, that does work. At least I can make the print large enough to read, but, as you said, it is a nuisance to use it that way. I agree, when I'm out backpacking the WiFi connection requirement certainly does ruin the experience of being able to read QST.

Maybe someone could write an Android app that would convert it to CW and send it to me on 40 M CW. Admittedly, the graphics might be a bit tough. :>)
QST in electronic format KB0HAE on 15/10/12
The November, 2012 issue of QST loaded onto my Kindle Fire just fine. However, I cannot figure out a way to make the print larger, so I guess at this point, it is a no-go for the Fire. Has anyone found a way to enlarge the print?
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