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New VE3 Sections? Jun 12th 2012, 12:55 3 2,270 on 19/6/12

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New VE3 Sections? W1ECH on 12/6/12
Oops... I signed "W1ECG" and hit the post button too quickly! I obviously meant "W1ECH"!
New VE3 Sections? W1ECH on 12/6/12
I note in QST that we will now have FOUR sections in Ontario (VE3) in the SS?

Obviously, logging software sponsors will need to know soon what the abbreviations will be, so we can all then modify our programs, too.

However, I have to ask why and how ARRL can justify so many sections in the Ontario section? Even New York has only four, Massachusetts has just two, and so on.

I'd love to hear the reasons for the change.




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