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Field Day WA0ITP on 27/7/11

Way to go on the FD effort. I tried using an ATS3 once on FD and found it cumbersome myself. And thanks for not signing /QRP. Most contesters don't want to take the time to recognize /QRP. I have however, used my K3/10 (am I only one of 3 people who bought their K3 with only the 10 watt output?) on field outings and been quite successful. It is a real contest rig and works much better. You seem to have had a lot fun with the ATS3 but I didn't. I'd rather use my K3 or even a KX-1 than the ATS3 for contesting. I'll be on Sunday with FOBB event and will likely bring an old INDEX LABS to that one. It also is bit difficult for contesting but it's easier than the ATS3 but maybe I just didn't know how to use it for contesting.

I was surprised on a test run last Sunday to not have the correct power feed connector. Fortunately, I have changed that socket out to be like my DSW-40 so I can use this coaxial power supply plug as my other rigs.

73, jim/w4qo

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