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Thank you for that information. I would assume that ACTIVE groups who are carrying out full scale exercises and generally keeping up to day with HSEEP....would have a much better standing here. And it might be a better idea to be diversified from the locations of the authorities' machines......
Pure Sine Wave Inverter with low/no EMI WA2FTV on 20/10/19
For a year I've been trying to reduce the 10 dB over S9 hash from my champion 3400 watt inverter. FINALLY I succeeded -- using a $128 filter from england, and then TWO common mode chokes FT-240-43 with about 9 turns of a short 16gauge walmart extension sorce. Will be publishing it in the nfl qst newsletter end of the month. Standaard stuff....finally worked --- wiped it clean off the S meter. Became inaudible on 40 meters. Then tested my friends 2kw cosco AI power inerter generator -- it was maybe 6 db quieter than mine. That is the news so far.
RE: Can Ham Radio and Solar Power co-exist NX1P on 20/10/19
I get a bit of interference from my Outback master/slave 4kw inverters and their associated charge controller. Not terrible but I can hear it. I haven't yet really worked on it with the ferrites in the power but I had some cheaper line filters (probaby differential mode)---- and one inverter bit the dust, so not so sure i want the ferrites NEAR the inverter -- they may change the load chacracterists.

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