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RF gain Vs Squelch JohnCinFloyd on 25/9/21
John, squelch is a feature that's mainly used for voice work, especially FM voice, the "band noise" of which can be loud when no received signal is coming in. For CW reception, don't use the squelch mode at all, but if you do, the squelch set so you can hear signals (and noise :-) ) all the time.

The RF GAIN function is intended to be used mainly, and optionally, during reception of strong to very strong signals, to reduce background noise when no incoming signal is present.

I realize that the two paragraphs above may seem to be saying the same thing; the difference between them is more about which mode you're using. For CW and SSB, use the RF GAIN mode, but (usually) keep the RF GAIN up all the way most of the time. For FM, use the squelch mode.
Licensed to Analyze? KK4MIJ on 2/5/21
If the field strength that results from the test signal falls inside the limit set by FCC rules Part 15.209 --; also see -- the analyzer can be considered an unlicensed transmitter that complies with FCC rules Part 15, and Part 97 does not apply.

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